Monday, 25 April 2011


Sorry, folks. Things have been a bit quiet lately, one way or another. There's still news coming in, of course. Those out there who blindly support nuclear power, arguing that it is the sensible alternative to renewables, might like to know that even before its horrendous accident, the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan was considerably less reliable that the German wind power industry. It's true: for years, Germany's burgeoning wind power industry was achieving solid and rising outputs while Fukushima was all over the place. And then came the tsunami.

This is the real problem with all those dupes of the nuclear industry who claim endlessly, boringly and woefully inaccurately that a) wind power is just too unreliable, what with the variability of wind and all, and b) nuclear isn't unreliable (or hazardous, or anything like that) and is obviously so much cheaper than wind, and so we should just go nuclear and forget about renewables altogether (be especially wary of all those 'experts' out there who try to make out that nuclear is 'renewable' - it isn't!).

The simple fact (or, as bogus groups of anti-everything frauds like VVASP would put it, FACT) is that nuclear is amazingly unreliable, massively expensive, and when it goes wrong ... well, what more do we need to say? Interesting that, while the Fukushima nuclear plant was knocked out of service, none of Japan's wind turbines went wrong. So which is the safer, greener, more reliable option?

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Keep reminding those anti-wind hoodlums and numbskulls out there that the option they'd prefer (as long as they don't have to live anywhere near it) - nuclear - is more than dangerous, less than reliable, and, like, well stupid compared with lovely clean, green wind.

Happy Easter, everybody!