Thursday, 28 January 2010


Fear not, good campaigners! 'Never fear, Aeolus is here.'

Okay, so things have been rather quiet on the windfarm front of late.

Thanks to the people of Harvington, we now know that our parish council money is going to a solicitor at Parkinson Wright. Quite why the infamous 'Windfarm Working Party' established by the anti-renewables nookies of Church Lench Parish Council feels the need to retain a solicitor is unclear. They said they were only gathering and sharing information about the proposed Lenchwick Windfarm. What has a solicitor got to do with that?

Ah, but of course: the WWP is joined at the hip to Church Lench PC, which is itself a puppet parish council worked by the desperados of VVASP (Vain Villagers And Selfish Pigs). None of these groups is remotely interested in taking an impartial and unbiased approach to the windfarm issue. They're spending our money on legal advice to help them fight the windfarm.

If you think that's not on, feel free to contact your local parish councillor. You never know.

Meanwhile, VVASP continue to host a variety of fundraising events at their local watering hole, The Giblet (so named after an recent episode of 'Rab C. Nesbitt' in which the 'scum' of Govan campaigned dishonestly against a mobile phone mast - ring any bells?). As so often happens, though, VVASP don't always admit that they're holding a fundraiser.

Honestly, you just can't trust some people!

Throckmorton, it would appear, may be getting a 90-metre mast designed to improve the measurement of wind speed. Bet the nimbies just love the sound of that! No, there'll be no noise, no 'flicker', no harm to wildlife, but they'll still oppose it 'cos that's what they do!!!

In the meantime we all eagerly await the arrival of ScottishPower Renewables' planning application and the Environmental Impact Statement. Evidently, a lot of work has been going into this, which should leave the nimby nonsense-mongers up the creek without a paddle. All the legal advice in the world won't disguise the fact that their opposition to the windfarm is silly. They'll be left foaming at the mouth and spitting out ridiculous claims that don't stand up. On the one side, there will be a detailed and measured appraisal by experts. On the other, a load of lies, abuse and white noise masquerading as 'science' - but that's what the Vale Villagers call democracy.

Which brings us to the big news, and one of the main reasons why Radio Free Lenchwick hasn't been broadcasting so much of late.

One of our correspondents has been keeping us in suspense with the promise of something rather interesting and exciting in the offing. If our information is correct, it'll put the nimbies' noses right out of joint.

Watch this space!

Over and out.