Thursday, 26 August 2010


Who knows where we'll be in a few months time.

Maybe the Wychavon Planning Committee will have met, listened to Dr Evil's mindless drivel, and decided that a windfarm is a Very Good Thing, fits in with the council's medium- to long-term policies, will do no harm and will probably benefit the area enormously. Job done.

Maybe Wind of Change will have topped 200 blog posts. Who knows?

Maybe the worst of the scum that has infested the area with petty-minded suburban attitudes and nasty, cliquey behaviour will have buggered off to unleash their miserable Daily Mail idiocy on some other poor community. Now wouldn't that be a break?

The fact is, though, we don't know where we'll be. Hopefully, once Wychavon get to grips with the planning issues and have a proper look at the so-called "objections", approximately 80-90 per cent of which seem to have been written by the same fiercely dishonest and self-obsessed individual, they'll tell the nimbies where to get off.

It would be rather nice if Wind of Change could report as much when a key member of our team appears at a major conference on renewables and wind energy later this year.

The invite came because of the work that Wind of Change, along with its many correspondents in the immediate area, has been doing over the past 18 months, exposing the lies, foolishness and stupidity of the VVASP protest group. Naturally, there have been other protests, other anti-windfarm campaigns around the county (they all trade lies, so that even when one group of deranged nutters has been told not to repeat a certain misleading myth, the next group starts spouting the same nonsense), but thanks to Wind of Change, VVASP and its outrageous behaviour has been rather well documented.

Which is partly why the blog was started in the first place. Memories being what they are, a few of us felt that it would be a good idea to have a 'journal' of sorts, publishing the dreadful things that the nimbies have been doing and saying, correcting their barefaced lies, digging up the truth and keeping sane, independent-minded people abreast of the latest move in the nimby war.

Well, maybe it'll all start paying off before too long. Wind of Change (as some of you will know) was approached a few months ago with a request from the British Library to make the blog part of their web archive (so we're part of the national heritage, folks!). Now a member of the team has been invited to tell delegates, over two sessions, what terrible things a certain kind of crazy person does when a windfarm gets mentioned.

Our representative will be able to tell the world just what shameful, shoddy behaviour has followed on from the announcement, in November '08, that SPR were considered a windfarm near Lenchwick. We'll be able to expose the insane lies, the devious tricks, the vicious punishment of those who held true to their own point-of-view, the cowardice, the arrogance, the peer pressure and the herd instinct.

We'll be able to tell the world what happened to our community - not because of the proposed windfarm, but because of some of the real Nazis in our midst who, grasping the opportunity when it presented itself, proceeded to demand that the entire neighbourhood danced to their tune. And we'll be able to expose those who should have known better, but who still fell in with the fascist faction and told lies as loud and stupid as the rest of them. We'll be able to tell the world about those who allowed themselves to be bullied into taking a stand that they knew was wrong, and then started taking it out on those who refused to be cowed.

And we'll be able to tell the world that a few - a good, honest, decent, intelligent few - kept true to themselves, kept their perpsective and kept in mind what really matters: the planet, and future generations.

While everyone around them did everything they could to prove what a hell-hole Middle England really is.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010


After yesterday's merriment it is time to turn our attention back to the Windfarm Working Party.

The clerk to the soi-disant Working Party - who also happens to be clerk to Church Lench and Harvington parish councils, even though she doesn't actually live in any of the villages affected by the windfarm proposals - is continuing to insist that the Working Party is (or was) a private body and not therefore subject to the scrutiny to which a public body would be.

This is, of course, a smokescreen. The Working Party was set up by the new-look, single-issue Church Lench Parish Council, which also administered the Working Party's funding. It was chaired by the chair of Church Lench PC, a fanatical nimby, and created solely to control the surrounding parish councils. Its membership consisted entirely of local parish councillors, who also provided the funding from their parish council precepts. It was established to ensure that the six parish councils all sang from the Church Lench hymn sheet and, regardless of public opinion, used public money to fund a biased solicitor's letter which was then tendered by the parish councils as their 'objections' to the windfarm plans.

In other words, everything about the Windfarm Working Party was public. But to make sure that nobody could look too closely at what the Working Party was up to, the decision was taken to pretend that it was private. That way, no 'minutes' needed to be taken, and those that were did not need to be made public.

Looking at the notes that were taken, it is clear that the WWP was determined to find fault with the proposed windfarm, whatever the reality of the situation. Suggestions that the WWP consulted environmentalist groups like Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth were entirely ignored. The Working Party had no more interest in windfarms than the majority of the VVASP membership - rather, they wanted to believe in monsters so that they could object to them.

The real issue now, as previously explained, is: what exactly did the Windfarm Working Party instruct the solicitor at Parkinson Wright to do on 'our' behalf?

There can be only one real answer to this question, which is: to find any fault they could in the planning application.

Of course, had the Windfarm Working Party really been interested in researching and pooling information about REAL working windfarms, we might have expected a different outcome. Only the most biased, prejudiced and determinedly dishonest of individuals could visit modern working windfarms and come away thinking that they're dangerous. Such was the approach taken by the VVASP High Command, who seem to have insisted that no villagers other than themselves should visit a windfarm so that they can come back from their field trip spouting no end of nonsense about them.

But the Windfarm Working Party - or, at least, the Church Lench contingent, which was the driving force behind the WWP - had no intention of finding out about windfarms, other than in the sense of 'how do you fight them?' (why you should want to fight them was apparently clear to the nimbies but not to anyone who knows much about windfarms). The very existence of the fake Working Party was a blatant challenge to local democracy. The chair even told a local newspaper last year that nobody locally had expressed support for the proposed windfarm, which was a lie.

VVASP have maintained this lie throughout, along with the parallel lie that they have a 'clear majority' of local opinion on their side. This front could only be maintained by terrifying the neighbourhood with extremely silly anti-windfarm stories, terrorising residents into joining the cause (or being ostracised) and victimising anyone who did express support for the windfarm development.

This, in short, has been VVASP's tactic. Deny anyone who disagrees with them an opinion and then claim that nobody disagrees with them.

Evidently, though, the Windfarm Working Party knew that its disingenuous and undemocratic activities would be controversial because it fostered the illusion of being a 'private' entity unconstrained by the rules governing public bodies. So that anyone who feels the need to know what these people have been doing with our money faces an uphill struggle, even though the money wasted on a fairly rubbish solicitor's letter was our money, and even though the parish councils acted with a near-total disregard for the feelings of their parishioners.

The point, as ever in this dispute, is clear - you are allowed an opinion if it happens to coincide with that of Dr Evil (who will write out your opinion for you, if you like) and his nimby mates. But if your opinion differs at all from theirs, you are not allowed an opinion. You have not expressed support for a perfectly sane, sensible, harmless and beneficial development. You don't really exist. And if you continue to voice your opinion, well, woe betide you and yours.

Well, huh, sorry guys, but there are some very intelligent and enlightened people in the area who don't agree with your backwards, illogical, misinformed quote-opinions-unquote and who will hold you to account for the lies you have told and the public money you have wasted.

And you will reveal what brief was given to the solicitor, so that our views could be completely ignored in favour of those of the demented nimbies of Church Lench. You will, even though you are doing everything in your power to avoid doing so. And when you have been forced into doing the right thing for once, Wind of Change will be here, ready to break the news.

You can't hide behind your 'private' figleaf forever.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


A little while back, BBC Midlands Today ran an odd little piece which claimed that Harvington was the happiest place to live in - this out of the whole of the West Midlands.

Harvington isn't all that bad, actually. Somewhere between a village and a small town, it's relatively tranquil, has a shop, a post office, a school, a couple of pubs. But the real measure of a healthy community is, of course, its programme of activities, societies and events.

Well, today Harvington witnessed a great big non-event. A non-event on a massive scale. And we at Wind of Change would like to thank a couple of our regular correspondents for reporting back to us on what a sublime non-event it was.

Dr Evil had been emailing his naff nimby army to arrange a protest demonstration at Harvington crossroads. The usual tiresome posters had been tacked on to telegraph posts (why is it that these morons really do seem to think that they can disfigure property that doesn't belong to them?), a very silly sign had gone up in the shop window, and the bald-heads were all getting rather uppity. Why?

Because today and tomorrow were the days scheduled for the dummy-runs. ScottishPower Renewables were driving a long low-loader truck to the proposed windfarm site to demonstrate that, with a bit of help from the police, the Highways Agency, county council, etc., they could easily get their turbine parts to where they needed to be going.

Naturally, Dr Evil and his dreadful clones were determined to show their opposition to this. Harvington has failed to demonstrate much real support to the VVASP's laughable campaign, so there was a desperate attempt at rallying Norton and Harvington by the usual insane scare tactics.

How noisy will these lorries be? (Answer: ummm, not very)

How safe will our children be? (Answer: safer than usual, what with the police escort and all)

How much damage will the lorries do? (Answer: not much, if any)

How dirty will they be? (Answer: oh, come on - now you're clutching at straws!)

Anyway, maybe sixty retired individuals, busy-bodies, nutjobs and other jerks assembled under a cool, grey, overcast sky in their daft yellow waspy T-shirts, a few clutching their wretched placards.

Nothing happened.

A couple of old guys forced the roadsigns to point the wrong way. (This act of vandalism completely baffled one of our correspondents, who wondered whether they were hoping to hang some banner off the roadsigns, because if they thought they would be misdirecting the windfarm traffic then they clearly hadn't thought things through very much). Anyway, after a minute or two it was perhaps pointed out to them that the authorities might not see the funny side of their hoodlum behaviour and they put the roadsign right again.

An hour passed. Nothing happened.

Dr Evil paced about trying to look like he was in control of things.

Meanwhile, a fleet of 4x4s was cruising the lanes of the Lenches, trying to spot a 'monster' truck and obstructing the roads for more intelligent road users.

Back at Harvington crossroads, a couple of local police officers arrived, looking mildly bored.

Suddenly, the main road was blocked by a cop car. A police motorcyclist appeared - coming from the opposite direction everyone expected them to appear from. THE CONVOY WAS COMING DOWN THE HILL, not along the main road and up the hill!

Everything then happened very fast. A haulage truck came barreling along, two guys in its cab laughing away. Everybody stared - 'Is that it?'

The truck, with about a fifty-foot low-loader on the back, accompanied by police outriders and followed by several works wagons, gave a cheeky hoot as it arrived at the crossroads where the pitiful mass of clueless nimbies was gawping. And then it was gone, disappearing at an impressive speed in the direction of Norton.

The police had closed the road for maybe a minute. And the time it took the long truck to pass through the crossroads and the useless demo? Maybe 30 seconds.

The nimbies were too stunned even to 'boo'. Barely any of them managed to raise their placards. A trio of windfarm supporters were heard laughing - they even applauded the truckers' sense of humour when they beeped at the protesters. The idiots of VVASP had been completed wrongfooted.

As protests go, it was something less than an anti-climax. Officials had proven that, with a brilliantly slick police operation, a long load could be taken around the relevant route with no trouble at all. Not even from Dr Evil's small crowd of deluded nimbies.

And, as our correspondent says, the whole incident had the feeling of something changing. The nimbies were made to look foolish, hopelessly out-of-touch and rather irrelevant. They were tolerated by the police, laughed at by the truck-drivers, and they had wasted a great deal of time only to fail completely when it came to registering their protest. They might as well have turned up on completely the wrong day.

All that faffing about and it all ended up in a farce. So could this be the beginning of the end for VVASP and its crappy campaign?

For the sake of sanity, common sense and good community relations, let's hope so!

Saturday, 14 August 2010


It would perhaps be unreasonable to expect the notorious Windfarm Working Party (not much of a 'party', hardly 'working', knows nothing about windfarms) to hand over a copy of the brief issued to their solicitor at Parkinson Wright. It would be unreasonable because the brief would almost certainly give the lie to the WWP's much-vaunted impartiality and independence. The WWP was set up by the fanatics of Church Lench's 'single-issue' parish council, and its supposed task was to gather and share information about windfarms. As was noted in one of their meetings (April '09), 'The Council have far more integrity than an action group.'

In other words, VVASP lack the integrity that the parish councillors of Church Lench (those who were parachuted in after Stroud's mongrels had seen off the original PC) seem to think that they possess.

But the Windfarm Worriers Club made a fatal error in July 2009 when 'it was agreed that Parish Councils should not be involved with releasing information/educating the community on the subject of wind farms, this should be left to VVASP.'

Which is a little like saying, it's not for the representatives of local democracy to inform or educate the public about race relationships, that should be left to the BNP.

VVASP - educating the community? Did they really, really, honestly, truthfully believe that? VVASP have failed at every turn to educate the community, except in the dark arts of propaganda and protest.

No, VVASP have lied repeatedly. They have lied even when the independent Advertising Standards Authority told them to stop it.

They tell lies because they don't know what else to do. Some of them, you can tell, are born liars. Stroud's lanky henchman would appear to fit into that category - he certainly has a very fuzzy notion of what is his and what is everybody else's. And he likes bullying people. The VVASP's head honcho, by way of contrast, just likes to feel that the entire village agrees with him and does exactly what he says - which is megalomania with a distinct whiff of paranoia. Dr Stroud has proven that he will say whatever he wants to say, regardless of morality, veracity or common sense, if it gets him just an inch or so closer to achieving his objectives. He is absolutely without scruple.

So, a little over a year ago the parish councils gave up on any thoughts about disseminating useful information to their rattled and unnerved parishioners, prefering that VVASP carry on distributing its sick and misleading nonsense.

Astonishingly, back in June of last year (2009) the desperados of VVASP were claiming that they needed 'funding of £100,000 and above for their campaigns'. Now, that just shows how crazy these people are. In order to try and stop something that is GOOD, HARMLESS, BENEFICIAL, ATTRACTIVE, INSPIRING and part of our transition to the 21st century, a handful of weirdos, bozos, whackos and psychos were looking to raise £100,000 for their nefarious plans.

No wonder they were so keen to ponce a few quid of each of the parish councils!! What on earth were they expecting to do with £100,000?

Probably pay for a lawyer - so that the public purse would have to pay at least as much again. Amazing how much of your money the self-centred and demented loons of VVASP are willing to waste, isn't it?

Some of that has of course already been wasted on phoney noise monitoring surveys (the implication being that ScottishPower Renewables and its professional consultants can't be trusted - yep, that's paranoid) and a bodged series of "objections" to the planning application cobbled together by a solicitor (the implication being that we all wanted our representatives to scrabble around looking for absurd objections to a very good scheme, like the deluded Fladbury bunch who thought that the discovery of a bat in the area marked out for the windfarm might be a 'show-stopper').

And, of course, when we finally get to find out precisely what the loopy nimbies of Church Lench and their fake 'Windfarm Working Party' did tell the solicitor to do (no prizes for guessing just how 'impartial' they were trying to be) we will see that OUR money has been frittered away by a bunch of self-important jackasses who simply don't want what's best for all of us.

But hey, at least we're beginning to find out how the meddlers and wheeler-dealers were spending their time while pretending to be impartiality gathering and sharing information. They were soaking up any old BS that Stroud and his companion ('Jaws') wanted to tell them.


Thursday, 12 August 2010


On Wednesday 28th July, Harvington Parish Council held an extraordinary meeting to discuss the PC's response to the windfarm planning application submitted by ScottishPower Renewables.

Typically, it seems that Harvington chose not to take up offers from local supporters of the windfarm, including those who really do know about the subject, but rather made use of the occasion to encourage and advise those who felt inclined to object to the proposals, not least of all by giving them some ideas of what they might want to object about.

Still, it was if anything a slight improvement on the behaviour of Norton & Lenchwick Parish Council. Even though only 44% of Norton and Lenchwick residents expressed opposition to the windfarm in a poll carried out last year, and even though the parish council at the time was divided roughly 50:50 over the windfarm issue, the good people of Norton and Lenchwick can rest assured that their parish council have acted in a cowardly and undemocratic fashion.

All six parish councils in the area were tricked into committing public funds to a pot controlled by the maniacal nimbies of Church Lench. Now, let's be clear - every parish councillor in Church Lench is a fierce, if deluded, opponent of the windfarm. They all have the ghastly VVASP placards and car stickers on show. These were the people who kicked up a stink if a former parish councillor expressed personal support for the plans, barking that as a parish councillor he was not allowed to express a personal opinion. But with their familiar disregard for democracy and other people's views, every single member of the new parish council in Church Lench has submitted a witless and stupid objection to the plans. Seems that you can express an opinion if it is the same as Rod Stroud's VVASP "opinion", but if your views diverge in the smallest degree from the nimby line then you are condemned to silence.

Norton and Lenchwick, knowing that they were defending a minority standpoint, submitted the woefully pointless, cut-and-paste report from the Windfarm Working Party's solicitor. For good measure, the clerk of N&LPC also sent in a digest of the objections - if you will, a summary of a summary - just so that the planning officers at Wychavon are clear as to what Norton and Lenchwick's parish council are objecting to.

In Harvington, there was at least an attempt at a show of democracy, because they invited parishioners to share and discuss the objections first. But then, opposition to the windfarm in Harvington was even more of a minority position (31%) than it had been in Norton and Lenchwick, so the crazed nimbies of the parish council no doubt felt that they had to make a bit of an effort.

So, Norton submits an objection (or rather a copy of the solicitor's report commissioned by the Windfarm Working Party), even though the majority of residents do not oppose the windfarm plans. And Harvington gathered a bunch of objectors together to make it look like they were following the will of the many, but still submitted the lacklustre job carried out on their behalf by Parkinson Wright solicitors.

30-Love, then, to the minority who feel that their opinions matter a great deal more than everybody else's.

But what the Windfarm Working Party and the parish councils are currently refusing to divulge is what brief exactly was given to the solicitor. Did the pretend-neutral Working Party ask for a report from the solicitor which would simplify the planning application so that they could all understand it? Or did they specifically impress upon the solicitor the need to find fault with the planning application - in which case, how could their actions be considered in any way neutral and without prejudice?

Judging by the pisspoor job done by the solicitor, a great deal of public money has been wasted. It has been wasted just so that a bunch of fanatics can ensure that the local parish councils have objected to something that the majority of their parish councillors do not object to and that they have done so in pseudo-legalistic language supposedly relating to planning issues. The result is hardly impressive. But it has served its purpose, which is to uphold and defend the lie, fostered by certain parish councillors, that there is some kind of mythical "clear majority" of opposition in the area and a "mandate" from the local community for the plans to be opposed.

Nonsense. Lies and nonsense - the same as ever with VVASP and its agitators.

Steps are, however, being taken to prise from the cold, lifeless hands of one clerk the actual brief given to the solicitor. If the councils are refusing to disclose this information, it's because it would be incriminating. Basically, they have lied to everybody, pretending to be impartial when in reality they are bending every rule and blagging a large amount of other people's money in order to behave irresponsibly and undemocratically.

And when we do finally get our hands on what precisely the solicitor was told to do at our expense (almost certainly to "find anything and everything in the plans which we can object to"), then there will be hell to pay. Because a few parish councillors have completely failed to represent the views of their parishioners, they have wasted our money, and they have allowed local democracy to be utterly corrupted by the Rod Stroud roadshow and those demented, self-important, utterly mindless nookies of Church Lench.

Watch this space.

Friday, 6 August 2010


Ha! A surprising number of people seem to have submitted pretty much the same letter of "objection" to Wychavon over the planning application.

Hysterically, a great many of these people have "made friends who live in Ab Lench" and they enjoy "spending time in the area" because it is a "great place to ramble/walk the dog/take my son to see the cows/cycle or just take a tipple of something cold in the gardens whilst enjoying the views, the wildlife and the peace and quiet."

It seems that none of these people (who quite clearly have never been anywhere near the Lenches) can quite decide what it is they would actually be doing in the Lenches if they ever did bump into the friends they claim to have made in Ab Lench. But they are all experts in wildlife - "I can see bats, brown hares, badgers, deer, woodpeckers, and all manner of birds" and, even though they live nowhere near the Lenches, they can also "hear cuckoos in the woods nearby."

What's happened, of course, is that a large number of carbon-copy VVASP-approved letters have been submitted, some from anti-wind farm campaigners elsewhere in the country, and some (quite possibly, such is the nature of nimbyism) from people who might not actually exist.

They all agree with the tiresome VVASP hogwash about the turbines being "too close, too big, too noisy" and that they will "totally ruin the area" - an area, we should recall, which these people actually know nothing about.

Does anyone detect the palsied hand of the King of Nimby Madness behind all this? Has he attempted poetry, with all that yucky codswallop about taking a tipple of something cold in the garden?

Can all of these obscure people from around the country really enjoy a drink in the Lenches Club when they happen to be staying in an area they've never heard of? Were they all identically "horrified" to see the predicted view which shows "5 turbines dominating the view from the club lounge and patio"?

I guess they all feel that serving a tennis ball will be absolutely impossible on the tennis courts if our lovely windfarm goes ahead, although they declined to mention this, probably because Stroud wanted the honour of passing that particular nugget of nonsense onto the council himself.

Oh, well, Dr Fraud strikes again, eh? How many of these letters and faxes has he foisted onto the hardworking officers of Wychavon? Who knows? But they're bound to smell a rat when they notice how many people around the country all happen to have made the same friends in Ab Lench and to repeat the same words as Stroud told them to.

Oh, they'll smell a rat, all right. The same rat who told his fellow nimby nitwits around the country that the Wychavon planning officer is "biased". The same rat who repeatedly published lunatic claims about the windfarm which the independent advertising regulators slammed for being untruthful and unsubstantiated.

The rat who will one day answer for all the distress and insanity he has caused in the Lenches with his crazy lies and overblown self-importance.

(PS: would anyone care to explain why so many copies of Dr Rod Stroud's various letters of objection have been submitted by individuals with Indian names? Including a Mrs J. Patel, whose letter of 20/7/2010 is strangely similar to Stroud's umpteenth letter of objection, while the ludicrous prose poem about making friends in Ab Lench and hearing cuckoos in the woods nearby was faxed in by, among others, a V. Landa and an S. Singh and posted separately by a Pam Kaur - all these people, incidentally, live in different parts of the country.)

Thursday, 5 August 2010

ABOUT 400 ...

That's how many letters of objection to the proposed Lenchwick Windfarm were handed in to Wychavon District Council's head of planning. "About 400".

Two or three weeks ago the battier members of the discredited protest group VVASP were gabbling on about getting between 1,000 and 2,000 letters. These were to be delivered personally by VVASP's misleader-in-chief.

But in an interesting, if desperate, PR manoeuvre, the letters were all delivered by women. And all women from Sheriffs Lench. None from the other villages. And no sign of Dr Stroud.

Perhaps, after Stroud libelled Wychavon's planning officer publicly, it was deemed best that he be kept out of the limelight for once.

Or perhaps Dr Stroud felt that the total of "about 400" letters simply wasn't enough for him to be seen handing in.

After all, he'd done all he could, trying on his different hats to object on behalf of various different parties. But even with objections received from people who've never been anywhere near the Lenches, but are members of the same shameful anti-progress movements around the country which are trying to bail each other out at the moment - basically, a "quid pro quo" that nimby groups indulge in for the good of nobody whatsoever ... even with those secondhand objections, the grand total of anti-letters was pretty pathetic. So maybe King Nimby decided to let the women hand over the sorry bundle instead.

More likely, though, his "faux pas" of telling other nimby groups that the Wychavon planners are "biased" shot down any hopes he had for his very own publicity shoot.

So, enter the VVASPish ladies of Sheriffs Lench, led by a female whose utterances so far on the subject have wavered between the bizarre and the incoherent.

Ah well, at least the planning officers are in for a few giggles as they read through the foolish, misinformed and downright deluded objections. Mostly, it would seem, from people who seem to think that horses are easily frightened by the "noise" and "flicker" of wind turbines.

Surely any horse that was as nervous as that really should be put down. Or, better still, let the horses roam happily amongst the turbines, as animals do wherever else these magnificent structures have appeared, and send their rabid owners to the knacker's yard. At least we'd all get a bit of peace and quiet then.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


How many times can you object to a planning application?

Well, if you happen to be the Lenches' resident Dr Goebbels, as many times as you like, apparently.

You can object as yourself, and as the self-appointed leader of a bunch of disruptive, conniving, ill-disciplined, vicious and arrogant liars (VVASP, as in "Does Anything Eat VVASPs?"), and as the Lord High President of a Tennis Club, in which case your arguments against the proposed Lenchwick Windfarm will be truly stupid (Dr Fraud seems to think that it will be "impossible" to serve in the direction of the Malvern Hills with a turbine some way off to the side - so, what do we think? Deranged, dishonest or desperate? You decide.)

Then again, if you are a parish councillor in Church Lench (one of the single-issue hoodlums who took over the parish council after the responsible parish councillors were forced out by Fraud's howler monkeys), you too can object on the silliest grounds imaginable. Such as your son occasionally comes up from London and would be distressed by having a windfarm in the middle distance (listen, love - if he can survive London, he'll cope with a windfarm not very nearby).

But the prize for Stupidest Objection to a Sensible Scheme must surely go to the maddest objection of all - that, somehow or other, the turbines will affect trout in some lakes thanks to "ground vibration". Now, I mean, come on - why not find out whether that has ever happened, anywhere, before making the world's daftest objection on that basis? Why not grow up and do some proper finding out, rather than listening to the mad, self-important liar of Evesham Road?

One hysterical objection involves the removal of a hedge to allow the vehicles carrying the turbine parts to reach their destination. Somebody ought to point out that the protesters of VVASP have form themselves when it comes to removing hedgerows, the only difference being that Scottish Power are open and upfront about it, while the cretin mob remove hedges and then apply, retrospectively, for planning permission to do so.

Perhaps the saddest objection comes from a resident who feels that ScottishPower Renewables' plans for a windfarm have torn the community apart. Well, no, that's not what's happened. Any community capable of behaving like certain Lench folk have isn't a proper community at all. The plans for Lenchwick Windfarm have simply exposed the nutters, halfwits and weirdos who now occupy much of the area as the selfish and arrogant bullies they really are.

And, as if to prove how dangerously self-obsessed some of these subhuman protesters are, they are now planning ways of disrupting the dummy run of the trucks which will, all being well, deliver the windfarm to us in due course. A few weeks from now, SPR will try out a couple of the potential routes the mega-trucks will eventually take to get to the site of the proposed windfarm.

What this means is that every nutter in the Lenches who simply can't keep things in perspective (not everybody, of course, but just the noisy, nasty Nazis of VVASP) is trying to organise roadblocks of pensioners and idiot yahoos on horses to get in the way of the truck.

How stupid, stupid, stupid can you get??

Of course, behind this mindless frenzy is the evil mastermind that is Dr Rod. He is really the only person who stands to lose anything at all when the windfarm is built, because he has lied so much, so consistently, about the turbines that his reputation will be shattered into a billion pieces when they become operational and we all discover just how quiet and harmless a modern windfarm really is.

Having made his foolish, self-centred stand with every intention of dragging the villagers behind him, he alone will be shown to have lied his head off to everybody when the windfarm is up and running. No one else stands to lose - only him. And that is as it should be.

Still, not that many objections to the windfarm have been received by Wychavon, while quite a surprising number of supportive comments have been submitted. And okay, so jobs are being lost by those who have dared to voice a perfectly reasonable opinion. But then, things like this are bound to separate the honest individuals from the spivs and the democrats from the fascists. No, the fact is that support for Dr Fraud's madness is slipping, in spite of the manic frenzy of dishonesty which he and his clones have indulged themselves in.

So there's good news there. And good news, too, that the planning committee at Wychavon aren't anywhere as stupid as the dupes of VVASP. And good news that the anti brigade are a bunch of cowards, happy to sack employees for having an opinion but far too self-obsessed and thoughtless to cause any real disruption when the truck comes through the village.

Thank heaven the battle is nearly over. And, by any reasonable standards, VVASP have lost.