Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Alerted by a number of posts on Facebook, Wind of Change was very anxious to know what's been going on.

Seems that if you express your support for the proposed Lenchwick Windfarm via the Wychavon website there's a strong chance you will be victimised by those in the Lenches who prefer lies to the truth, crazy scare-stories to scientific fact, and fascist conformity to freedom of speech.

This is what we have come to. Because of the insanity unleashed by a handful of foolish, selfish, oafish people, it is now forbidden for anyone to speak the truth. To do so is to run the risk of being ostracised from your own community - the one you were born into, the one you grew up in - by mindless newcomers to the area.

The lies pile up, while those who voice an opinion based on evidence, experience and common sense are punished for their temerity. How dare they have views of their own?! This is the People's Democratic Republic of Church Lench, where we say whatever Rod Stroud tells us to say, where we believe whatever a bunch of proven liars tells us to believe, and where we oppose everything that's good and fair and decent and right.

This is the kind of sickness being defended and supported by right-wing crazies, Tory MPs and the sycophants in the local media.

Beware, good people. Beware. You are being led like cattle down a dangerous road. There will be no place for non-conformity or individualism where the evil, petty-minded criminals of VVASP wish to take us all. Everyone must shut up and do as they're told. Listen to the lies, believe them, and vomit them back up at every available opportunity.

Those who form their own opinions in this debate, who find out for themselves the truth about windfarms, without relying on our resident liars and headcases, and who stand up for future generations and for their own right to have and to express an opinion - they are the real heroes in this struggle.

The fascist morons of VVASP - those who claim to be a teeny-tiny community under the heel of a massive corporate monster - they are the vicious, irresponsible liars whose breathtaking self-obsession and willingness to lie and lie and lie again has destroyed the community.

They deserve to have a wind farm packed in their back yards.

No - truth be told, they deserve much, much worse than that.


Thanks largely to members of the pro-wind farm group BLoW (Back Local Windfarms), there have at long last been some answers trickling out from the parish councils to pertinent questions concerning the Windfarm Working Party.

First of all, Bishampton and Fladbury have been happy to admit that no public money at all went to the Windfarm Working Party - it all went to Church Lench Parish Council.

The Windfarm Working Party is a bit of a waste of time. Back in May 2009, Fladbury Parish Council noted that the six local parish councils had "got together to work alongside the action group VVASP". Magically, a month later, that collaboration had become a "separate entity to the protest group VVASP". But, as Church Lench Parish Council's minutes indicate, figuring out where Church Lench PC, the Windfarm Working Party and VVASP overlap and where they don't is completely and utterly impossible. Especially when the Chair of Church Lench PC is also on the Windfarm Working Party while continuing to display VVASP placards on his property, while the Clerk to Church Lench PC is the same Clerk to the Windfarm Working Party who specialises in not answering questions about what her groups are up to.

Fladbury offers an interesting illustration of what's been happening locally. When a vote was taken in June 2010 over what representation Fladbury would make regarding the windfarm, the Parish Council was split down the middle. 4 voted to oppose the windfarm plans. 2 voted against this. 2 abstained. Of course, the antis carried the day, and will not doubt believe that they represent the majority ... when they don't even represent the majority on their own parish council!!

Rather like Norton and Lenchwick, where the decision to pay £750 of parishioners' precept money to Church Lench Parish Council also split the PC right down the middle.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that our parish councils, dancing like marionettes to VVASP's tune (as played by Dr Rod Stroud on his little pipe of untruths), have commissioned Dick Bowdler to act as their noise consultant on the windfarm plans. Coincidentally, Dick Bowdler's website indicates that he has a bit of a bee in his bonnet about windfarm "noise" and specialises in helping groups to oppose windfarm plans.

Now, we recall that Dr Rod Stroud was happy to tell people around the country that the Wychavon planning officers are "biased" in favour of the windfarm. At the same time, parish councils (under his direction??) are paying OUR money to a biased noise consultant!

And this is being done at the insistence of a few hotheads whose fingers could hardly be further from the pulse. Only by misrepresenting the strength of local feeling can our parish councillors (or, in the case of Church Lench, the VVASP stooges who took over after Stroud's misfits disrupted too many meetings of the real parish council) can a few parish councillors get away with spending our money on biased reports while the Chief Nimby goes about making slurs against the district council's planning officers!!

Yes, folks - the world has well and truly gone mad.

Sunday, 18 July 2010


So - proof that VVASP's mega-nimby really did slag off our local planning officers in his ill-begotten missive to fellow nimby nutters far and wide:


Yes, it's true. Dr Rod Stroud accused our local civil servants of bias. But now he's apologised. So that's all right then.

If only he would issue a proper apology to the people of Evesham Vale for lying to them over and over and over again about windfarms.

Then, and only then, is there a chance that he might be rehabilitated.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


One of the more tasteless remarks overheard in the Lenches recently was an oblique reference to unfortunate events in the North of England. Two men have, in recent months, gone postal with firearms, and both ended up shooting themselves after gunning down a few others. All very tragic.

So what does some Lenches quidnunc suffering from an advanced case of trench brain say? Basically, he wouldn't be surprised if someone went on a mad rampage with a shotgun around Church Lench, given the level of emotions there over the windfarm.

Well, we can all rest assured that that won't happen. Why won't it happen?

1) Our local nimbes are far, far, far too selfish to consider martyrdom. After all, they want the rest of us to pay for their gormless opposition to a Very Good Thing, and they want all of us to suffer for their witless intransigence and refusal to enter the twenty-first century. Their entire campaign is based on nothing but narrow-minded selfishness and a whole pack of lies. So the idea that one of them might actually do something risky over all this is ludicrous. You can be a martyr for their cause if you want, but they never will. Far too self-obsessed.

2) Most of them know that everything they've been saying about the windfarm isn't true. There are a few who've been foolish and simple-minded enough to believe them, but they're too busy gawping like goldfish to grab a firearm. The rest - the real VVASP nutjobs - know that they've been lying to themselves and to everybody else. Does anyone think they really would go mental with a shotgun in defence of what they know to be lies? Doubt it.

Interestingly, though, VVASP are showing signs of reining in their more extravagant claptrap whenever it is pointed out what a gargantuan pile of manure they've been spouting.

Examples - they appear to have altered their claim to be providing "comprehensive" information to the community, largely because Wind of Change pointed out what an outrageous lie they were telling with that whopper ... [*]

And we haven't heard much about the poor woman who had to leave her own home because of the nearby turbines, not since it was pointed out that much of her story didn't really stand up and there were certain pertinent questions relating to her tale that really did need answering ...

And now, we hear that Dr Rod Stroud's claim that Wychavon District Council's planning officers are "biased" has mysteriously disappeared from the offending web page (see last post). How odd - just minutes after his disgraceful allegation was publicised here on Wind of Change!

Fortunately, though, it would seem that Wychavon's head of planning saw the ludicrous claim in all its original pristine glory, as did a few others, both at Wychavon and elsewhere in the area.

Anyway, what we're learning is that VVASP and its egregious Chair don't really have the courage of their convictions. They continue to make stupid and unproven claims about the proposed windfarm, including pretending to have lots of information about health risks (NB: that information doesn't exist - they're just talking about a couple of unscientific reports that have been rubbished by experts), but they're extremely quick to backtrack and to try to cover their traces when their more outrageous remarks are spotted.

So - between telling lies (which they know to be lies) and making bald claims which they swiftly unmake as soon as someome rumbles them, it is perfectly clear that VVASP cannot be trusted.

Still, they're lucky they've got us to point out to them when their entire dodgy campaign begins to look like a national joke. And we think we deserve some credit for that, folks! Don't you?

[*] PS - It has been pointed out to Wind of Change that VVASP are still advertising themselves as providing "comprehensive information" to the local community. So that little lie is still there. Shucks.

Friday, 16 July 2010


Question: what does a nutty nimby group do when it starts losing support locally?

Answer: it tries to get other nutty nimby groups up and down the country to support its ghastly cause.

Harvington had its parish council meeting this week, at which there was a massive display of apathy regarding the windfarm. Or, put it another way, Harvington Parish Council itself is further proof of a particular phenomenon in our area - local busybodies forming gangs to fight against something important, harmless, beneficial, which hardly anybody else has a problem with. Anyone who doubts that Harvington Parish Council is composed almost exclusively of antis just needs to read the latest village newsletter. Anyone who doubts that Harvington residents don't really care a jot about the turbines just needs to look around the village.

So, Harvington shows a distinct lack of interest or concern in the windfarm; Norton and Lenchwick proved at its recent parish council that a substantial number of local residents actually want the windfarm, and outrageous gerrymandering of the result by a handful of nimby weirdos and crooked councillors will be angrily opposed by those whom the councillors pretend to be representing.

Which leaves only three Lench villages to fight the bad fight on Dr Rod Stroud's behalf. And even their meetings don't seem to be getting the antis out in the kind of force that Deluded of Church Lench likes to imagine is opposed to the windfarm plans.

So, what's a nasty nimby to do?

Well, what Dr Stroud is doing is trying to get other nimby groups up and down the country to support him.

Now, this is interesting, because according to the VVASP propaganda, most of our nimby thickos are IN FAVOUR of wind power, but just NOT HERE. So why should they be colluding with other nimby groups? Does the NOT HERE argument extend to EVERYWHERE? Is the man just desperate because he's made a ludicruously selfish stand and now needs to find idiots who will agree with him.

Even worse, though, as the link below shows, Dr Rod Stroud is already accusing our local planning officer of being "biased".

Now, this is the guy who has set out to disrupt and corrupt local democracy by turning all the parish councils nearby into VVASP mouthpieces and by getting tax-payers unhappily to contribute towards the costs of VVASP's dishonest campaign.

This is also the guy who told Her Majesty's Government in a letter of a few years ago that new regulations were not necessary for parish councils because they were perfectly capable of policing themselves. Councillors with vested interests could be kept in their place by the Chair, according to Stroud (himself a former Chair of Church Lench Parish Council and a man who seems believe that the village dances exclusively to his tune). So, rather like the bankers, say, Stroud's argument is that there should be no regulation of groups or organisations who don't want their activities looked at too closely. Which is how we end up with a mess like the one we're in - a single-issue parish council in Church Lench in which bias, prejudice and vested interest are not tackled because the Chair himself is guilty of those failings.

Thanks, Stroud. What a perverse world you wish to foist upon us all.

One in which bias is fine as long as it's Dr Rod Stroud's bias. Whereas Wychavon District Council planning officers are "biased" simply because they don't necessarily agree with Rod Stroud. Rather, they're doing their jobs in a professional manner within the context of our democratic system. The opposite, of course, of what Stroud wants or expects.

Anyway, as well as going round the country, slandering our hard-working council officers and spreading his nonsense to like-minded nimbies, Stroud continues to pass on the idiotic lies, myths, rumours and claptrap with which he has infested the Lenches in recent months.

Click on the link to see the terrible things he's been saying (and to read the naff excuses he wants nimbies everywhere to come up with, just so that he can spend another year or two not seeing a windfarm somewhere in the area - the one about the Lenches lakes and its super-sensitive anglers is spectacularly daft; but then, they are his neighbours).


If you're as outraged about what this man is up to as any sane and rational human being should be, contact Wychavon District Council or your local MP and insist that this sort of out-of-control nimby nonsense has to stop. Now.

After all, for the Chair of VVASP to accuse anybody else (let alone the Wychavon planning officer) of being "biased" is incredible. Talk about pots and kettles!!!

Monday, 12 July 2010


Having discovered that Norton and Lenchwick Parish Council has a "Windfarm Working Party" rep who doesn't know the first thing about windfarms (apart from all the guff he's been told by his new mates in VVASP), we turn to Church Lench Parish Council. How windfarm-savvy are they?
Well, the second of our two photos shows what the Chair of Church Lench Parish Council thinks about windfarms when they're not very far from where he lives. And guess what? The same guy is also on the utterly bogus "Windfarm Working Party"!!! Would you Adam and Eve it??
The other photo is his neighbour's property. This guy is also on Church Lench Parish Council. And those placards have been up for months.
Anyone still prepared to believe that Church Lench Parish Council isn't massively biased and totally prejudiced?
In Harvington, meanwhile, the Parish Council (whose clerk is also clerk to Church Lench Parish Council AND the Windfarm Working Party - weird, eh?) has been actively campaigning against the wind turbines - even though less than a third of Harvington residents expressed opposition to the windfarm!!!!! AND that was when the windfarm would have been a lot closer to Harvington village than it is now!! So how many Harvingtonians actually give a damn today? Well, judging by the number of VVASP placards in Harvington ... about two.
So - three parish councils. All absolutely corrupted by the manic liars of Church Lench and pursuing a demented agenda that is broadly against the interests or even desires of their residents.
Proof that nothing these parish councils say in regard to the proposed Lenchwick Windfarm should be taken seriously by anyone with functioning brain cells.

Friday, 9 July 2010


STOP PRESS: a Nimby calls for a "rational debate" about the wind turbines. Well, that's a first!! Although, of course, what the said nookie (in a letter to the Evesham Journal) neglects to mention, obvious though it is, is that he has no intention whatsoever of engaging in a rational debate. He's made up his mind, and that's that. Supporters of the proposed windfarm would have loved a "rational debate" about this issue at any time during the last 18 months. But the headcases of VVASP ensured that such a thing was absolutely impossible.

Besides, how can you have a "rational debate" with proven liars?

Anyway, VVASP told the local press that over 200 people attended the two recent rallies they held at Church Lench Village Hall. That's an impressive number, really - especially when you consider that only forty bothered to turn up at the first of the two meetings.

Forty?? That's pathetic!! And do we really believe that, after such a hopeless showing at the Saturday morning session, a minimum of 161 people actually made it to the Monday evening session? Okay, so most people wouldn't make an effort to attend any meeting attended by the charmless new Tory MP for Redditch, but all the same - did they all leave it till the last minute before putting in an appearance? Or is the dubious figure of "over 200" yet another example of VVASP bending the truth to suit its purposes?

All we can say is - Wychavon DC had better get ready to scrutinise the letters of objection they receive from the Chief Nookie in a week or two, because everything he and his cohorts have said so far has turned out to be untrue, and it's beginning to look like the nasty nimby brigade simply don't have the support they like to think they do.

Rumours of a rebellion in Norton and Lenchwick last night would only seem to confirm this. Details are still coming in, but it would appear that a fair crowd turned up for the public session prior to the parish council meeting. The date of the meeting had been shifted, seemingly because Norton & Lenchwick Parish Council was expecting a big turn out of red-faced nimbies. What they got, though, was a modest crowd of local windfarm supporters, outnumbering the nimbies present by at least 7-1.

Reports suggest that the parish councillors were rather shocked by all this. Having convinced themselves (very VVASP, this) that there was only one point-of-view in the area, they were suddenly faced by a restive group who were not only solidly in favour of the windfarm but also clearly angry at the failings of the parish council to carry out its public duties properly in this matter.

By all accounts, the representative of the risible "Windfarm Working Party" started out by fudging. He was asked if he'd ever visited a windfarm. He said he had. About three years ago. In Scotland. He was unable, or not at liberty, to say where exactly.

Apparently, it was abundantly clear that this man had spent too long cossetted with VVASP and is therefore prone to making bald statements which cannot be backed up. Nobody present believed for one moment that he's ever been anywhere near a windfarm. And then he claimed to be completely impartial while repeatedly saying things like "we're up against Scottish Power" and "we don't want it in our back yard"!

So - a victory for the forces of common sense and decency, and consternation for the evil-minded, utterly mendacious, nasty nimbies!!! This might just be the beginnings of the long overdue backlash against the self-interested, self-important myth-mongers and troublemakers of VVASP. Let's hope so - and let's hope that district and county councillors are beginning to take note, not only of the dishonest nature of so many VVASP utterances, but also of the fact that they been lying consistently about the level of their support in the immediate area. In fact, let's be clear - they've been lying about EVERYTHING! And they continue to do so.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


There may, or may not, be a ludicrous whimper of a fanfare when Dr Rod Stroud, self-appointed King of the Nookies, takes a bundle of protest letters to the offices of Wychavon District Council on 23 July 2010.

Such is the titanic level of self-obsession involved here, it is Stroud himself who will deliver however many identikit letters of lunacy his VVASP stormtroopers can muster. Because, basically, this has been entirely his campaign. He retired to the area and now believes he can stomp about the place telling people what they can and can't do.

If only pensioners like him could find something more sensible and useful to do with their time.

Having spent a year-and-a-half whipping up a frenzy of misunderstanding in the area, VVASP quickly put the brakes on any of their witless membership contacting the planning committee at the District Council. No, this is to be the Rod Stroud Show, so everyone must say exactly what he tells them to say.

In fact, he won't even trust his deranged followers to do that. He's going to supply them all with a letter - the same letter - which they are to sign. So that he can carry a few of them into the council offices (more like wave them about as if he was Chamberlain returning from Berlin).

If the District Council is switched on and alert, it will check every single one of those more or less identical letters to determine whether or not they were sent by real individuals and with the knowledge of those real individuals. A nimby group elsewhere cheated on this, and you have to admit that VVASP (Stroud's rogues) don't have a particularly spotless track record when it comes to telling the truth ...

(There's something else they've been doing which looks like it's about to blow up in their faces, cheers, cheers, cheers - and then we'll all be reminded of just how devious and dishonest they really are!)

Anyway, VVASP reckon that Dr Stroud will be able to march into Wychavon's offices with between 1,000 and 2,000 letters of strangely identical sentiments. Effectively written for them by a solicitor. For whom we who support the windfarm are paying.

It is quite possible that some of those letters will be, shall we say, a little bit dodgy. For a start, what a strangely vague number of protest letters they're expecting. Surely they'd have some idea of how many supporters they've got. Do they not actually know yet how many they think they'll get away with?

Think about it - all those carbon-copy letters, who's going to check whether a few dozen of them weren't actually sent by the people whose names are on them?

And here's another thing -



Well, it could be because Rod Stroud wouldn't get his grand moment in the spotlight if everything was done online.

Or because it's more difficult to forge other peoples' "views" when you're not delivering a large number of identical letters.

Or just because, as with the realities of wind power, these bozos just don't get it.

It's all about them, them, them, all the time, isn't it?

Well, even if they do manage 2,000 letters, and even if some of those are genuine, that's still a fraction of the number of households that will benefit from the electricity output, the additional business rates and the Section 106 community payments from Lenchwick Windfarm.

Monday, 5 July 2010


First of all ... HOORAY!!!! This is the Wind of Change blog post number 150!! Quite a milestone, eh?

Secondly, ooh what a lot of news and information has been coming in from our various correspondents! Mostly concerning the completely bogus "Windfarm Working Party".

What's the "Windfarm Working Party"? It's actually VVASP, operating via its puppet, Church Lench Parish Council. It is also a very cynical means of taking public money and spending it on VVASP business while making sure that all six parish councils in the area are completely brainwashed by VVASP's moronic propaganda. You see, there's plenty of individual wealth attached around VVASP but none of it is willing to cough up for its lunatic cause - so they prefer to wheedle money out of the public purse to misuse on their selfish, belligerent and ignorant campaign.

One of our more regular correspondents wrote to the clerk of his local parish council (Norton and Lenchwick) a week or two ago, listing his reasons why, in his opinion, it would be wholly inappropriate for Norton and Lenchwick Parish Council to comment adversely on the Lenchwick Windfarm planning application.

The reply he eventually got came from the solicitor working for the Windfarm Working Party.

No great surprise, there. Elsewhere, in Harvington, a Freedom of Information request has now been submitted to the clerk of the parish council (who is also clerk to the nefarious Church Lench Parish Council and it's sham of a Working Party), who has so far refused to divulge any real information regarding the workings, funding and activities of the Working Party.

What makes the solicitor's intervention in Norton and Lenchwick interesting is that the parish council minutes from July 2009 state clearly that their £750 contribution to the Windfarm Working Party was to be used solely for investigative purposes and NOT for legal advice.

So the Windfarm Working Party has completely ignored the caveat placed on it by one of its funders.

Even more weird - when Norton and Lenchwick Parish Council reluctantly agreed to ONE payment of £750 to the Working Party (and refused to be tricked into offering a blank cheque), it was accepted that their representative on the Working Party would not be allowed to vote on matters relating to the proposed windfarm. This on the grounds that the said member had an 'interest'.

Now, investigating what windfarms are, so that questions from fellow parish councillors can be answered, isn't having an 'interest', as such. Not the sort that would deprive a councillor of a vote. No - the vote was only withdrawn because it was understood that the parish councillor in question would no longer be impartial.

Which means this: even when it was being set up and funded, it was recognised that the bogus Windfarm Working Party was a biased and prejudiced group working alongside the deranged protesters of VVASP and using public money to aid the stupid anti-windfarm campaign. This was clear and evident at the time, and yet parish councillors still channelled tax-payers' money into this partisan group (any caveats could, as we have seen, be totally ignored).

Clearly, the parish councils thereby compromised themselves by co-funding a group which was dedicated to opposing the windfarm by whatever dubious means available. And if you question this, you are either rudely ignored (Harvington) or treated to a letter from a solicitor (Norton and Lenchwick). In Church Lench they probably kidnap your pets.

Anyway, there can be absolutely no doubt that, thanks to the shameless dishonesty of VVASP and its various little arms (like Church Lench Parish Council, membership of which is dependent on membership of or sympathy with the hoodlums of VVASP), the six parish councils - Church Lench, Harvington, Norton and Lenchwick, Flabury, Bishampton and Hill and Moor - have been corrupted, and any representation they make to the District Council can and must be ignored as utterly prejudiced.


Meanwhile - news from Fintry. A week or two ago, one of the aged weirdos of VVASP wrote to the local paper, claiming to have been in touch with some group or other in Fintry, Stirlingshire (where the community bought a turbine, part of the Earlsburn Windfarm development, in order to enjoy the income), and making strange remarks about the horrendous harm which will inevitably be wreaked by the Lenchwick Turbines (where the community has been led into insanity by a Pied Piper-type figure). Word has reached Wind of Change that Fintry knows nothing about this gibberish spouted by an old fogey of Lench. The good people of Fintry have no idea what group be thinks he's been in touch with and they disagree with the dumb points he tried to make.

Yet another example of nimby dishonesty on the part of VVASP and its cretinous cohorts? Well, come on, really - what do you expect?

Friday, 2 July 2010


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - !!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh - !!!!!! IT'S SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!

We're SPECIAL!! Put the wind turbines anywhere else - anywhere else - but here!! They'll blot out the sun!! They'll be like massive office blocks revolving at the bottom of the garden!

We all believe passionately in wind power, just NBoldOT HERE!! Anywhere else!! ANYWHERE!

Everybody I know or have ever met lives directly underneath a turbine and they CAN'T SLEEP for the constant sound of INVADING BARBARIAN HORDES and all-night parties right above their heads!! Most of them have committed suicide already because their houses are now worth about the same as they were last week and that's DESTROYING their local economy and making them MISERABLE.

So put some more wind farms where they are but leave us alone!!!! We're just a plain and simple bunch of retired accountants and company directors, we don't want our little ones' ponies to rear up at the sight of a GIANT MASSIVE turbine! We don't want them slicing our dogs up or turning the sky into some enormous BLOOD-SOAKED NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a well known fact that wind has never, ever, ever produced any kind of energy whatsoever and that all environmentalists really want to destroy the land and everything on it. And I speak as a passionate believer in wind power who once read a leaflet about it, or something or other.

It's a proven FACT that all wind turbines just stanItalicd there for years on end doing nothing but giving you cancer, and that includes the ones that are SO NOISY they drown out the voices in your head!!!!!!!Italic

These gargantuan office block sized spinning wheels with their death stares and their great big boots will totally DESTROY our community and all life as we know it. We will all be living in the hedgerows begging for a moment's peace and quiet. So, speaking as someone who believes passionately in helping the planet, I say put them anywhere as long as I can't see them.

Because it's just so UNFAIR!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Come on, Dr Stroud, tell us some more lies about them!! Come on, quick, we need more ludicrous propaganda, STAT!!!

Thursday, 1 July 2010


First there was Peter Luff, with his not-very-well-thought-out speech in the House of Commons.

Now, there is Karen Lumley, a new girl in parliament who has fiercely refused to research anything to do with VVASP.

Duff's intervention in the VVASP's campaign of foolishness, fatuousness and fraud was interesting. To begin with, he clearly felt that the protesters were out of control and saying some really stupid things (in his words, they were being "overly dramatic"). Then he held a meeting or two with the disgusting nookies. You could tell when these meetings were happening because their ugly placards would appear in huge numbers and in places where they had never been before, and then they'd vanish again, just like that. Wherever the greatest concentration of placards temporarily was, that would be where Duff was expected. And, lo, the "2 km OK" campaign was born, probably as a result of the MP hinting to the weirdos of VVASP that they were only making fools of themselves if they didn't come up with a proper campaign.

We all know that the "2 km" buffer zone is a fig-leaf, a nonsense designed to distract attention from the plain and simple fact that the nimbies don't have a leg to stand on. Because they have never had a reasonable argument to deploy against ScottishPower Renewables' plans, they resorted to bald lies and ridiculous rumours from the outset. Only now are they trying to rein in their brainwashed, ovine followers by saying "Don't write to the council till we've told you what to write!!" (In other words - "Don't say to the council any of those stupid things we've been saying to you, because they're esaily disproved by anyone of more than basic intelligence.")

And VVASP can't tell their swivel-eyed followers what to write until their solicitor - which the local community is paying for, thanks to the con-artists of "Vale Volk Against Ze Turbines" - has told them what to write. And told the neighbouring parish councils what to write. Basically, it's a huge stitch-up, paid for by the tax-payer, and a monumental abuse of local democracy.

Karen Lumley MP is now firmly a part of this mass (self-)deception. It is abundantly clear that, like so many attached to VVASP (and that includes the bogus "Windfarm Working Party", or Church Lench Parish Council as it's better known), Dumley knows sweet F.A. about windfarms. She has, quite simply, not bothered to find out the first thing about them. Totally, blissfully ignorant, both of how magnificent, quiet and thrilling the modern turbines are, and also of how there really isn't any choice in the matter. We convert rapidly to renewables, sustainability and a low carbon economy, or we are seriously DOOMED.

Too subtle, that, for Kazza Dumley. She's been lied to by the practised deceivers of VVASP, and she has jumped on the bandwagon like so many witless others. Dumdum is supporting Duff's very silly "2 km" nonsense. And she's meeting the VVASP drones at a public meeting on the morning of Saturday 3 July.

There are going to be two of these meetings. Presumably, these will be when the liars, frauds, swindlers, charlatans, hypocrites and nutjobs of VVASP wind up the populace - those dim enough to have fallen for their blatant lies - prior to telling them how to fill out an objection for the district council.

The good news is that it won't be too difficult to point out to district councillors how our own tax--payers' money was used, illegitimately and undemocratically, to pay for advice which is manifestly contrary to the interests of the community. This gross misuse of public money also clearly suggests that certain parish councils (Church Lench, and probably Harvington) were completely biased towards the planning application and had no intention whatsoever off considering it, and that the criminals of Church Lench PC basically bullied their surrounding parish councils into following suit.

So, if there's any justice in this world, all representations from the parish councils on this vital issue will be disallowed, since the parish councillors so clearly failed in their duty to be impartial and unbiased towards the planning application.

But Karen Dimwit MP seems incapable of spotting the blatant fraud that is going on all around, and almost certainly takes as cavalier an approach to democracy as the loons and felons of VVASP. Bet Redditch is soooooooooooooo glad it voted her in.