Thursday, 17 February 2011


Here's a sobering read:

The oil giant Shell has revised its recent forecast about energy consumption. The financial crisis of 2008 reduced demand, but that has risen again. This means that Shell's prediction of a massive oil squeeze followed by a decade-long economic slowdown is back on track.

In short, as the above article puts it, "Shell suggests that one might consider running for the hills, oh, sometime around 2016 or 2017 before everyone else shows up."

Shell's prediction of an imminent energy "zone of uncertainty" can be found here:

Behind the looming sense of panic is the peak oil crisis. Basically, we're consuming more and more oil and discovering less and less.

And if the dates 2016 or 2017 have a certain ring to them, that's when Ofgen in the UK has predicted electricity shortages because of our failure to respond effectively and to allow more renewable projects, like onshore windfarms.

Looks like the middle of this decade could be rather interesting, as rising demand, falling energy availability, inadequate measures and the shabby public response to renewables conspire to create interesting times.

So it's odd to discover that green energy websites are now being trolled by fanatical anti-windfarm types, leaping on every bit of good news in order to spread the muddled messages of the so-called Renewable Energy Foundation. The government announces the new deal on community benefits from windfarms and REF and their army of misleaders call it a "bribe". Pro-wind campaigners arrive in Caithness and the local nimbies shriek "dirty tricks". Some 25-30 coalition MPs gather at Westminster Hall to spout all the usual anti-windfarm guff and stupid myths promoted by the nuclear lobby and their nimby dupes.

All that seems utterly insane in the face of the energy crises predicted by Royal Dutch/Shell (and BP, and ExxonMobil). The experts are all warning us of approaching disaster, and yet Conservative MPs, nuclear lobbyists and crazy nimbies are doing all they can to blur the issue and stall any attempt at averting the crisis.

Replying to the braindead parliamentary debate on windfarms last week, Charles Hendry (Minister of State for Climate Change) remarked that "Everything changes when oil is $100 a barrel."

Today, Brent crude hit $104 a barrel.

All of which means that everything is changing. Fast. If ever there was a time to embrace renewable alternatives before it's too late, that time is NOW.

So what are we to make of all these nimby nutcases with their foolish anti-windfarm myths? Their infiltration of green energy websites and their constant misrepresentation of the realities of wind power?

More to the point, what we will think of such nutters in a few years time, when the energy crisis really bites? Were they actively safeguarding our interests, or were they sniping at the very developers who could have got us out of the mess?

It's not too late to take precautions. Onshore windfarms are the best, cheapest, proven solution to at least some of the problems that are coming our way.

Anyone who campaigns rigorously and dishonestly against them is a fool and a traitor. They should be named and shamed. Starting with our local self-serving nimbies in VVASP.

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