Monday, 19 December 2011


There's lying - an art that nimbies excel in - and then there's covering up the truth. Once-respected British newspapers have been doing both.

We reported recently on the YouGov poll commissioned by the Sunday Times which revealed a clear majority of British people support windfarms. It seems that more than half of all Britons want to see more of them and only a modest fraction of those polled wish there were fewer.

Sadly, the Sunday Times assumes that most of its readership is composed of deluded and fanatical nimbies, and so it buried its own survey:

Pandering to the barking tendencies of Britain's nimby minority is not exactly covering the news. Quite the reverse, in fact: it is an act of political propaganda designed to mislead the nation over a matter of the utmost importance. It is an act of treason, committed on behalf of an Australian-born resident of the United States of America whose grotesque media empire is making those who read its shoddy bilge and watch its viciously extremist news channels more and more stupid by the day. No state propaganda machine is as wildly out of control than Murdoch's Death Star of fake news and atrocious comment. And so, when it finds that the majority of Britons are enlightened and conscientious about renewable energy, it hides those findings and broadcasts yet another sickeningly misleading diatribe against renewables.

No wonder the nimby nutters of Olde Englande love the deranged dribblings of the right-wing press.

The news elsewhere is looking increasingly positive: Scotland is hailing 2011 as the "best year yet" for Scottish green energy, as well it might. £750 million worth of new green energy projects were switched on north of the border in the last twelve months, a worthy and magnificent achievement. South of the border, a survey carried out by the financial services firm Ernst & Young has revealed that businesses are showing increased confidence in clean energy technology but are losing confidence in the British government's monumentally inept approach to the green sector of the economy. Maybe the problem here is that so many government ministers are in thrall to the nuclear, oil and Murdoch lobbies, that David Cameron's claim to be promoting the "greenest government ever" has been exposed as cynical gobbledegook.

Wanna see a truly far-sighted green government? Look north. Scotland is leading the way.

Wanna see a government of muddled fools easily swayed by media demagogues and anti-renewables lobbyists? Look at Westminster.

They can't bury the truth forever, though. Let's all hope and pray that 2012 is the year in which even the crazed lunatics of Rupert Murdoch's evil empire and the craven hypocrites of the coalition government finally see the light, and stop dancing to the tune of the depraved, dishonest and utterly selfish nimbies who have been doing so much to harm our nation.

It might be our last chance to protect our "green and pleasant land" for future generations. Let's pledge to do everything in our power to follow Scotland's lead and tell the neo-fascist fringe of Tory ideologues, nimby maniacs and bigoted lobbyists what they can do with their self-serving lies.

Let's make 2012 the Year of Wind - for the good of everybody!!!

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