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It seems to be a rule of thumb: the more dishonest your anti-windfarm campaign, the more aggressively you will attack those who happen to have a different viewpoint.

The "Stop Dorcas Lane Turbines" website constitutes a plethora of old-fashioned and outdated nimby myths. It could have been designed by a carbon-copy nimby group about five years ago. Things have moved on since then - though not necessarily in Nimbyland - and few if any of the foolish claims on the SDLT website stand up to serious scrutiny.

So - a campaign based on lies and misinformation. Nothing new there. But, as we've found elsewhere, campaigns as egregiously misinformed as theirs tend to produce genuine maniacs. Once you've made up your mind to go with the lies, you're pretty much obliged to go berserk at the first sign of any real facts, genuine evidence or someone who supports wind energy.

The ringleaders of the "Stop Dorcas Lane Turbines" reacted to recent criticism of their moribund claims and anti-social activities by posing as the victims. There was talk of legal action, a swift lurch towards the moral high ground and a lot of pretending to be hurt. That, however, was a front: a fairly standard nimby reaction to anyone who points out what they've really been up to.

Evidence has since come to light which tears the respectable mask from the faces of the Dorcas Lane nimbies, making legal action an extremely dangerous move on their part.

Pro-wind campaigners went to Leighton Buzzard recently to let local people know a little bit more about windfarms - what they really are, for example, as opposed to the nonsensical garbage they'd been showered with by SDLT. The campaigners repeatedly came in for a great deal of verbal abuse from one individual in particular.

Shortly after the visit to Leighton Buzzard, an anonymous email was sent to one of the pro-wind campaigners. Showing the lack of imagination we've come to expect from nimby nutters, the sender of the email identified himself as "Mr Joe Bloggs" and gave the name of the organisation he worked for as "Against Hipocrisy" (address: "Anywhere that the hypocrite *** is spouting his lies").

Having shown that he isn't entirely sure how to spell hypocrisy, he then went on to show that he doesn't really know what it means. He attacked the pro-wind campaigner as a "hypocrite and a liar" - an odd accusation, given that the pro-wind campaigner was not pretending to be anything other than he is, whereas the nimby nutters of Aylesbury Vale like to pretend that they're concerned about the environment (among other things), when they don't give a fig. To them, the environment is the view from somewhere or other. Any steps to protect the environment against the dire impacts of climate change must under no circumstances impinge on this "unspoilt" view of theirs. So in fact, they don't care about the environment one bit.

In common with other cretins involved in the atrocious blight of British nimbyism, "Mr Joe Bloggs" doesn't care about the environment either. He shows this by putting quotation marks around the word "Green" (a Ramsbotham trick, too).

"Mr Joe Bloggs" considers the pro-wind campaigners "misinformed", thereby overlooking the simple fact that the nimby claims given out on the "Stop Dorcas Lane Turbines" website are so woefully inaccurate, unsubstantiated, misleading and wrong. But nimbies inhabit a parallel universe, where their insane lies are "FACTS" and real information is "hypocrisy" and "lies".

Here's an example of what the atrocious lies told by nimby groups like SDLT lead to. We quote verbatim from the anonymous email:

"How misinformed you are, as you aid these energy companies to get support for their wind turbine planning application projects through local councils, wind turbine projects which aren't in any way 'Green', and were it not for the huge government subsidies no company would ever entertain building half the ones proposed.

"They must be pissing themselves laughing at how they've managed to get an idiot like you onside, even if you are nothing but a light-weight, and I say it again, hypocrite.

"I bet the directors never invite you to stay at their palatial mansions, purchased on money grabbed from the public purse via the massive government subsidies they get, or how they've ripped off everyone by over-charging and causing fuel poverty for millions."

Now, the egotists who set up SDLT will no doubt try to distance themself from this delirious email, but they must take responsibility for it. Did they not promote the stupid myth about "huge government subsidies" and "massive government subsidies", which has now become the main plank of the nimby argument, even though, like all their other anti-windfarm arguments, it's complete bollocks. Did anyone at SDLT attempt to put psychotics like "Mr Joe Bloggs" straight on the issue of government "subsidies" for wind power? Did they ever acknowledge the fact that it is fossil fuels that are actually subsidised by the government, and the steep rise in global gas prices is what really sent domestic energy bills skyrocketing? Did they do anything to disabuse rampagaing lunatics like Anonymous of Aylesbury Vale of their insane, paranoid theories? We doubt it.

So SDLT must accept that its witless campaign of misleading propaganda is the cause of the verbal abuse and hate-email received by supporters of wind energy.

"Self-styled eco-activist, my arse, you are nothing but a jumped-up crustie and liar who has sold his soul to the big energy companies", sputtered Mr Joe Bloggs.

At least the eco-activist had a soul in the first place. Unlike the demented piece of human offal who sent the anonymous email.

"It's high time you were exposed as the hypocrite, fraud and liar you really are." Good luck with that, Mr Nasty of Leighton Buzzard. You who've listened to so much of SDLT's crap that you know longer have the merest glimmer of an idea of what counts as truth.

There's more - lots more - in that disgusting email. It's sadly typical of the ever-more apocalyptic lunacy of the nimby fringe. "Mr Joe Bloggs" goes on a bit more about his mythical "government subsidies" (the nimby sickos really are going to have to explain what these "government subsidies" are before too long - even though SDLT has relied on the most outdated and discredited of nimby claims, the silliness over the alleged "subsidies" for wind power is one of the more modern myths they've clearly been using to work up the loonies of Aylesbury Vale, and it's about time they explained what these so-called "subsidies" actually are and then shut up about them).

Anyway, tired old nimby nonsense continued to be woven through the message of hate (and insanity) from the self-styled "evolvingcaveman" of Dorcas Lane. Wind turbines "litter the landscape and our beautiful countryside" - yep: NIMBY CLICHE ALERT! - but the SDLT-inspired "Mr Joe Bloggs" seems confident that the government will "stop its subsidies" (it'll have to start them first) and then all the turbines will be abandoned "as they aren't commercially viable anymore" - proving that "Mr Joe Bloggs" is not conversant with the economics of wind power, the UK's commitment to cutting carbon emissions or what's going on in other countries. Oh, we stand corrected: "Mr Joe Bloggs" has heard about some turbines in America "which now litter their landscape rotting, thousands of them."

Last September, renewables overtook nuclear in the United States. Even senior figures in the American nuclear industry admit that nuclear isn't economically viable. Texas, the "oil" state, has now become the wind state (far more operational wind turbines in Texas than there are in the UK), and five American states get more than 10% of their electricity from wind power. "Mr Joe Bloggs" has been reading the violently dishonest nimby literature again and steering clear of real news.

Anyway, Bloggs insists that he will "make everyone howl with laughter" when Britain fails to meet its legally-binding commitments, is overtaken by emerging economies currently investing heavily in wind energy, and has to pay even more for its imported energy that it already does. The mindless Mr Bloggs will consider that a great victory: "Isn't life funny the way things turn around?"

So, "Stop Dorcas Lane Turbines" - what have you got to say about that email? The one your lies and false information are responsible for. The one which shows the ugly face that anti-windfarm campaigners try to keep hidden from the wider public, but which they reveal at the first hint of an opposing viewpoint.

Aren't you pleased that a visitor to your especially "beautiful" area received such hateful, vicious abuse fuelled by your fanatical campaign of misinformation?

You nimbies are all the same: liars and thugs. How dare you drone on about this "beautiful" country of ours when you show such contempt for others!

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