Friday, 17 December 2010


The latest windfarm to get the go-ahead offers a textbook example of how such planning decisions should be made.

Only yesterday (16th December) the Development Control Committee of Melton Borough Council voted to approve the Ecotricity planning application for nine 80-metre turbines near Old Dalby in Leicestershire.

The planning officer's report which was submitted to the planning committee was excellent. All the usual clapped-out nimby claptrap had been dumped on the council - all those boringly familiar and exceedingly silly 'objections' (presumably, Old Dalby has its very own versions of our Professor Yaffle, Basil Fawlty, and the other hysterics) - but these were all dismissed, quite rightly, by the planning officer as being irrelevant, unproven or simply not sound grounds for objection.

The planning officer stuck to the ETSU-R-97 guidelines (as did the planning application), which is precisely what the crazed nookies of VVASP have been trying to persuade Wychavon District Council not to do. Fascinatingly, the planning officer also observed that -

Impacts on house values is not a material planning consideration for planning applications.

So - even though house values are NOT adversely affected by windfarms (unless some local fruitcake decides to harm their own house value), it's immaterial anyway. Not relevant.

The planning officer recommended that the Council 'PERMIT' the Dalby Windfarm to go ahead, and the councillors sensibly agreed. You can read the planning officer's excellent report here:-,%20Paddys%20Lane,%20Old%20Dalby.pdf

If Wychavon's planning officer comes out with a report as cogent and sensible as that one, we'll all have grounds to celebrate.

But what's even better is that the Melton Borough Council planning committee approved the plans first time around. No need to go for an expensive planning inquiry. The councillors did their jobs and another step is taken towards a sustainable future of clean, green, people-friendly energy.

A hearty well done to all concerned!!!

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