Sunday, 9 January 2011


Anyone who thinks that the windfarm issue is a small, localised one is desperately out-of-touch. But then, that's what happens if you listen to VVASP.

Wind energy is currently a bit of a sticking point between the world's superpower and the pretender to that title. The US is very unhappy about China's 'subsidies' to its own wind turbine manufacturers. China has doubled its capacity pretty much year on year since 2005 - it is now the world leader in wind generating capacity.

The US isn't far behind. Take Texas, usually thought of as the Oil State. Texas has invested massively in wind energy. Just don't mention climate change. In Texas, where it's considered heresy to do so, it is the economics of wind power which make total sense.

So, while the US and China slug it out over who's the daddy when it comes to generating wind energy, Europe is also forging ahead. The European Wind Energy Association has studied all 27 National Renewable Energy Action Plans from EU member states. If the commitments are met, then the EU will exceed its target of 20% electricity from renewable sources by the end of this decade.

In fact, 34% of Europe's energy is expected to come from renewables by 2020. 14% of that - by far the highest proportion - will come from wind. And with the UK set to generate 78.3 terrawatt-hours of electricity from wind alone in 2020, we will finally have climbed the league table, from third-from-bottom to second place, behind Germany.

While the fanatics of VVASP - currently doing all they can to whip up looney hysteria in advance of the planning meeting - seek to pretend that they are somehow alone on this planet, the rest of the world is taking wind energy extremely seriously. The United States seem to be embarrassed and angry at the fact that China is way ahead of them on this score, and Europe is looking in good shape to deliver a pretty impressive percentage of wind energy by 2020.

By the way, VVASP's latest shockingly shoddy gambit is to claim that, if - that is, IF - the Lenchwick Windfarm gets the go-ahead from Wychavon District Council, it will only be because money has changed hands.

Yep, that's right. The thugs and frauds of VVASP are preparing the ground for their imminent trouncing by spreading the rumour that Wychavon District Councillors might be taking bribes!!!

Now, okay, we're used to the manic nimbies stooping lower than a snake's bottom and spreading rumours of a truly disgusting nature. But this really does represent a new low. They're saying that, if they lose the battle of Lenchwick, it won't be because they have lied repeatedly and never really had a leg to stand on. It'll be because their democratically-elected local representatives are corrupt.

Ah well. Takes one to know one, eh?

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  1. Twisted Logic:

    "If the commitments are met, then the EU will exceed its target of 20% electricity from renewable sources by the end of this decade."

    But where's the commitment to reduce C02 in the targets?

    Answer there isn't one, seems like you've fallen for their script - let's produce electricty, whereas is should be let's reduce our production of electricity by insulating our homes and being more efficent.

    Looks like you've been suckered by 'greenwash'

    Your mum.