Saturday, 15 January 2011


Someone who tells lies and believes those lies - who sees nothing wrong with telling those lies - is a psychopath.

The Mental Health Act defines any personality disorder which results in "seriously irresponsible or abnormally aggressive behaviour" as a psychopathic disorder.

H. Checkley, in The Mask of Sanity (1976) described the syndrome of primary psychopathy. To quote from Faulk's Basic Forensic Psychiatry (Third Edition):

At first sight the subject appears normal, charming, intelligent and articulate with low anxiety. The history, however, reveals extremely egocentric, impulsive and bizarre behaviour, which, in the long run, is against the subject's interest. Legal confrontation may be avoided indefinitely because of the subject's intelligence and charm, and prominent positions in society may be attained until the true picture emerges.

Well, that true picture has emerged over the past two years. It is now plain and clear for all to see.

The VVASP campaign is being run by psychopaths. It is psychopathic to the core. It is based entirely on lies and fuelled by the egocentricity of the VVASP leadership. It is both seriously irresponsible and abnormally aggressive - and it has been from the very start. And it is bizarre, because a measured examination of the evidence reveals that the Lenchwick Windfarm is most likely to represent a positive benefit to the local community, to the region and the nation. So to fight it - and especially to do so using lies and thuggery - is clearly against everybody's interests.

Under any other circumstances, the behaviour of VVASP's senior figures would have been identified as anti-social, extremist, fanatical, deluded and dangerous to the fabric of society.

We at Wind of Change have identified the problem here before. There is one word for it, and word word only.


The psychopaths are running the show. And they're trying to turn the rest of the community mad in order to serve their own narrow-minded, egocentric and selfish interests. Which is why the entire community have and continue to suffer at the hands of these psychopathic personalities.

And now Wychavon District Council is beginning to get a taste of the insanity which these psychopaths have unleashed.

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