Wednesday, 11 May 2011


And so we brace ourselves for the upcoming BBC documentary, "The Wind Farm Wars". Expect to be reminded of all the lies and lunacy that anti-windfarm protesters use to justify their insane short-sightedness, selfishness and downright stupidity.

The four-part documentary series was recently postponed for "legal reasons". Just a guess, but if things panned out anything like they did here in Worcestershire, certain local councillors would have made total idiots of themselves, repeating the lies of demented groups like VVASP and proving how easy it is for a bunch of jumped-up, red-faced, utterly dishonest nimbies to hijack democracy. And then, with the local elections coming up, certain councillors didn't want the entire country to know how happily they'll lie on behalf of their constituents (like certain MPs, who mindlessly trot out nimby figures without bothering to check them first - tut, tut, tut!). Anyway, like we said - just a guess.

Meanwhile, of course, the Japanese are unhappy about their government's reliance on nuclear power, so the Japanese prime minister has promised a massive investment in renewables.

Of course, if he talked to some of our homegrown British maniacs, be they dangerously berserk right-wing pundits or the morons who read their bilge, he might get the impression that "renewables don't work". Yep. In fact, they don't work so much that Alex Salmond promised that Scotland would produce all its energy (that's right, 100%) from renewables by 2020 - and this was before he won a landslide for the SNP! Maybe renewables work fine just about everywhere, except in certain middle-class parts of England, where talking crap is all the rage.

As usual, the cretinous and petty-minded Little Englanders are out-of-touch, wrong on all counts but still willing to lie their heads off to get their way. We all know that nuclear power is a dangerous thing (anyone see that documentary a week or two about Finland and that enormous hole in the ground they've been digging so that they'll have somewhere to hide their nuclear waste for the next 100,000 years?) But faced with contributing to a clean, green energy future at absolutely no cost to themselves, fools and frauds will suddenly discover a deep-seated belief in nuclear, or coal, or steam, or dung, or ANYTHING, just as long as they can stop a harmless windfarm happening.

Thanks to one of our good friends, you can do your bit to remind people that nuclear is a nightmare (in contrast to renewables, which are wonderful). The image above shows the completed car sticker that you can get simply by contacting Mike. Here's what he says:

"Worst Case" Nuclear Car Stickers - 20 cm x 6 cm in size.
All enquiries to Mike at
Costs are £2 (two pounds) per sticker (includes post + package),
or £10 (ten pounds) for SIX stickers (incl. p+p).
Ideally, everyone should buy six,
keeping the free one for themselves and passing on
or selling the remaining five.

So, don't hang about. The Green Party has already endorsed these fantastic stickers. Caroline Lucas MP has one.

Now there's an MP you can trust - not like those self-serving toads who support dishonest and deluded anti-windfarm protesters.

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