Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Now here's an interesting conundrum for our elected representatives to figure out.

The results of the Worcestershire Viewpoint Survey (November 2010) have just been published. They include a whole section on renewables.

Click here to see the full report (section 6.9, starting on page 45, is the part we're on about):

With one notable and well-informed exception, the district councillors responsible for making planning decisions in Wychavon lined up to pour out mounds of nonsensical bilge regarding the proposed Lenchwick Windfarm back in January. The debate was so unenlightened you could have been forgiven for wondering what century you were in. The councillors had allowed themselves to be swayed by the vile, outrageous propaganda and thuggery of VVASP into making a host of stupid anti-windfarm comments.

What the Worcestershire Viewpoint survey shows, however, is that the majority of people in the county are very much IN FAVOUR of windfarms and other large-scale renewable energy developments.

In fact, a staggering 28% of Worcestershire residents seem to "STRONGLY SUPPORT" the development of windfarms in the county. That's right: 28% expressing "STRONG SUPPORT".

As opposed to a measly 8% who are "STRONGLY OPPOSED".

Moving towards the centre ground, no less than 33% - a third of Worcestershire residents - merely "SUPPORT" the development of windfarms here. Just 10% "OPPOSE" such developments.

16% of residents don't really care either way and 5% don't know what they think.

So, let's put all that into context:

An incredible SIXTY-ONE PER CENT (61%) of people in Worcestershire either support or strongly support the development of large-scale windfarms in the county.

A pathetic EIGHTEEN PER CENT (18%) are opposed (just 8% being 'strongly' opposed).

There are even more people (21%) who either don't know or don't care than there are against.

Shouldn't these figures give the antediluvian and oh-so-easily-manipulated district councillors of Wychavon something to think about? Do they really, truly, honestly believe that they were serving the interests of their constitutents, their district, their county and future generations by barking out all the amazing drivel they'd been told to say by the frauds of VVASP?

Or might they begin to wonder whether the fact that the clear majority of people in Worcestershire want to see windfarms generating clean, green energy in their county means that councillors should stop listening to demented, self-serving nimbies and do what the majority of their voters want, for a change?

After all, democracy doesn't exist just to be bent to the will of a few, VVASP-style. It exists for everyone. It bases its decisions on what the majority wants. And the majority in Worcestershire wants windfarms.

Interestingly, 54% of those surveyed also wanted local public services to "Provide guidance on the benefits and impacts of renewable energy". Which is precisely what Wychavon District Council failed to do. They were too busy reading crazy emails from VVASP and avoiding their responsibilities.

Maybe now they'll think again.

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