Monday, 12 March 2012


Telling lies comes naturally to anti-windfarm fanatics. In fact, they find it almost impossible to tell the truth.

One small example: our local gang of demented nimbies (VVASP - short for "Vale Villages Against Scottish Power", although a more accurate name would have been Half-a-Dozen Selfish Maniacs Willing to Spread Unnecessary Fear and Alarm Through a Vicious and Thoroughly Dishonest Campaign) claimed that they were giving local people "comprehensive information" about the proposed Lenchwick Windfarm. In reality, their "comprehensive information" was wildly inaccurate - in some instances, 180 degrees wide of the truth - and, what's more, it didn''t even begin to tell half of the story.

They claimed to be a "pro-renewables" group who just happened to think that the area was not right for a windfarm of five turbines. Either they didn't know that Worcestershire County Council had conducted a study which concluded that the area was just perfect for a windfarm of six turbines, or this was just one piece of valid information which fell through their "comprehensive" net. Along with the information that the thuggish ringleaders of the protest group had lied about the potential impact on house prices and a host of other stupid claims.

But they were a "pro-renewables" group, right? This was, of course, a blatant bit of PR guff. They weren't pro-renewables at all. But they had to say it, because it made them look reasonable.

You get this a lot with the madcap nimby fringe. It's not the turbines they're opposed to, see - it's the pylons. They're not against windfarms per se, only against anything that might happen to appear on the horizon.

Interesting, then, to note that one of the evil-minded anti-wind nimbies of Church Lench has objected to a small development in Leicestershire. A planning application has been submitted to Harborough District Council for a single 20-metre wind turbine on private land. The nimby idiot of Main Street, Church Lench won't be able to see it because it's many, many miles away. But, all the same, an objection has been lodged.

Why? Didn't this lunatic read the VVASP publicity about them being "pro-renewables"? Didn't they realise that the official line was "we're only against wind turbines where we might be able to see them"? What on earth has this cretin got against a single 20-metre turbine on the other side of the Midlands?

Ah, but of course, the twisted ones only pretend to be "pro-renewables" when it suits them to do so. The rest of the time, they show their true faces - they are deluded, deranged and absolutely committed to bringing our country to its knees. They have no sense of proportion or perspective and are complete incapable of facing facts and telling the truth.

They're not against renewables as such; they're just against any form of renewables in practice. And it's not just within a few kilometres of their miserable carcases that they oppose harmless, green, efficient turbines - they oppose them everywhere. And they're willing to tell lies about them, regardless of where they are (which is why you'll find some nimby morons telling you that Australia has imposed a mandatory two kilometre buffer zone around windfarms; for the record, Australia has done no such thing).

So now we find out that VVASP's cretinous "2km OK" campaign really meant "Windfarms are okay, maybe, but only if they're 2km from the centre of the Sun and absolutely nowhere on this planet".

And to think, some idiots took these people seriously, with their two-faced pretence of being just worried residents who were "pro-renewables" but not here. One Wychavon district councillor even tried to insist that these liars, hypocrites and bullies weren't nimbies. But they were. And they still are.

There are some people who will one day have to pay for encouraging these dangerously foolish and treacherous nimbies. They include right-wing commentators and nonsense-peddlars of the Delingpole school, money-grubbing lobbyists masquerading as charities (REF, GWPF) and certain desperately stupid Tory politicians, like the 101 dimwits who recently tried to persuade David Cameron to kill off the renewables industry in this country. These people are traitors, pure and simple.

Their self-serving treachery is foolish because it is diametrically at odds with the flow of history and the best interests of the nation. You can tell them by the company they keep: the monstrous Donald Trump, throwing a tantrum and trying to bully the Scottish government; the despicable Rush Limbaugh claiming that there are no solar or wind industries in the United States (when in fact there are over 400 wind power manufacturing plants across the US, and in the last four years wind has supplied over 35% of new electricity in the States - more than coal and nuclear combined). If you find that the people championing your cause are exteme right-wing lowlifes like Limbaugh and Trump, then your cause must be truly evil.

The anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, however, has seen a massive increase in lobbying and PR gibberish from the nuclear industry. This is the source of a lot of the nonsense routinely spouted by nimby idiots. As Renewable Energy Focus has now suggested, we should brace ourselves for a welter of misleading anti-wind power stories (along the lines of "the end of renewables is nigh") put out by the professional liars who work for nuclear and gleefully repeated by the brainless muckspreaders of the nimby class.

Yes - as the nuclear industry begins (thankfully) to breathe its last, starved of the astronomical amounts of public money which have fed its greed for so many years, expect a torrent of lies about windfarms. The nimbies will love it - because lies are their currency. "Born to Lie" might as well be tattooed on their furrowed brows (and on those of certain politicians who defend their despicable tactics and grossly unpatriotic behaviour).

Fortunately, there's still a little bit of sense left in our government. Ed Davey, the new Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, announced over the weekend that windfarms are good for communities. He quite properly insisted that it would be a "monumental national folly" to turn our backs on windfarms - onshore and offshore - and other renewables.

That's good - a politician talking sense (unlike the dribblers who signed that mindblowingly stupid letter to David Cameron the other week - some, like Bill Cash, wouldn't know the truth if it took off all its clothes in front of him, but others, like Karen Lumley, have had occasional glimpses of the truth, such as in the High-Speed Rail Link debacle, and so she should be ashamed of herself).

We can't afford to let down our guard. After all, a person of conscience and principle in Leicestershire is trying to do his bit for energy efficiency and to combat climate change. And a thick yobbo many miles away in Church Lench is trying to stop him.

That's what comes of telling lies, you see. Sooner or later, you get caught out. The wind power industry is going from strength to strength, generating more and more clean, green energy and doing barely any harm at all. Not many liars working in renewables. But a helluva lot of liars ganging up to betray Britain's best interests by pretending to be "pro-renewables" and then campaigning - noisily, dishonestly, viciously and stupidly - against them.

By the way, Harborough District Council, which will soon be considering the application for the single 20-metre turbine, has form. In another case a year or two back, the council knowingly accepted 2,310 fraudulent letters of objection to a windfarm proposal, thanks to a corrupt parish council establishing an anti-windfarm group (sound familiar?). The nimbies sent in letters from people who did not object - a criminal offence. But, rather like Wychavon D.C., Harborough failed in its duty to uphold democracy and the law.

That's where the lies which fuel the nimby nutters lead us - lawlessness, thuggery and the breakdown of democracy. And a Britain which won't be able to keep the lights on. Never, ever let a selfish and misguided nimby pretend to be acting in the interests of the country (or the countryside). The road they have taken is the road to Fascism. It's the road of lies. We must do everything in our power to stop them taking Britain down that road with them.

A sustainable future is what we need. Not the horrifying nightmare which rides on the back of nimby madness.

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