Wednesday, 7 March 2012


Superman fights for "truth, justice and the American way". His fellow countryman, Donald Trump, believes in just one of those things.

He's okay with "the American way" - as long as that just means violence, propaganda and brutal smear tactics in the headlong pursuit of wealth - but he doesn't care about truth and justice. No, sirree! Not one tiny bit.

Which makes him the perfect poster-boy for the anti-windpower brigade. He's massively egotistical, thoroughly dishonest and absolutely without scruple. The cretins of CATS who are taking his filthy lucre must be really proud of their demented attempts to sell Britain downriver by fighting innocent windfarm proposals with his money.

"You've Been Trumped" is the title of a documentary that has already won a clutch of awards around the world and is often shown in a double-bill with that other classic celluloid tale of Scots standing in the way of a wealthy American bully - "Local Hero". The documentary, which has been described by the world's press as "the most important film ever about the Scottish environment" and a "shattering expose of greed and hubris", focuses on the residents of the Menie Estate in Scotland. They had the misfortune of being in the way of Trump's disgusting plans for a totally unnecessary "luxury golf resort". And so, as well as threatening them with compulsory purchase orders, the evil Trump slandered them.

"Pigs living in a slum" was one of the things he and his vicious PR machine said about the locals. When one of them complained about having their water supply cut off, Trump's henchmen called in the police. The poor folk of the Menie Estate were discovering, to their cost, what mindless fascists like Trump are really made of.

Trump likes to boast about his Scottish roots. Where Aberdeenshire is concerned, he has ploughed up a stretch of coastline that, till recently, was protected by the most stringent environmental regulations in Europe. Hundreds upon hundreds of trees were callously uprooted so that artificial mounds could be built for his golf resort. He has yet to build his crappy hotel or the promised 1,500 houses - perhaps because he can't actually afford to - and he's stopped work on his ghastly, unwanted resort in order to fight plans for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre, a forward-looking development that will put Aberdeenshire at the forefront of a £4bn offshore wind industry.

This crazed demagogue has done nothing but destroy everything he has stomped on in Scotland - and now he's trying to destroy Scotland's leading renewables sector (recently praised by the UN as a model of "climate justice").

He knew about the plans for the European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre when he steamrollered the authorities into granting him planning permission for his absurd resort. He knew about the plans, and yet he pressed on with his grotesque and wanton destruction. Now, having utterly trashed a site of special scientific interest, he is taking time out to try and shoot down Scotland's much-vaunted plan to be 100% renewable by 2020. He has offered his money and his lawyers to the fruitloops of CATS (who go round telling lies about windfarms) and is doing all he can to bully Scottish politicians into pandering to his reckless whims.

There is only one way to describe Donald Trump - he's a dangerous, deranged, power-hungry, evil-minded, selfish, greedy, lying, robbing, thieving maniac.

The nimbies must love him: he represents all those negative qualities that they espouse and hold so dear. But they should be wary. People like him don't do anything for nothing. The fools of CATS have signed a pact with the Devil. He won't destroy Scotland's renewables industry. He'll probably destroy everyone he comes into contact with, though.

If you get the chance, go see "You've Been Trumped" ( That way, you'll know what sort of sick, twisted weirdo supports the lunatic anti-windpower fringe in this country.

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